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What is a crawler?

What is a crawler in SEO? Let’s dive into it!

Definition for crawler: A crawler, also known as a web crawler or spider, is an internet program specifically designed to systematically browse the web. The primary purpose of a crawler is to enable search engines to discover, process, and index web pages for displaying in search results.

Traditionally, crawlers are utilized to process HTML content, but there are also specialized crawlers that focus on indexing images and videos.

In the realm of web crawling, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the prominent crawlers employed by the world’s leading search engines. These include Googlebot, Bingbot, Yandex Bot, and Baidu Spider.

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Good vs. Bad Crawlers: What’s the difference?

A good crawler can be likened to a helpful bot that benefits your website. It contributes by adding your content to a search index or assisting in auditing your website. A hallmark of a good crawler is its ability to identify itself, adhere to your directives, and adjust its crawling rate to prevent overloading your server.

On the other hand, a bad crawler offers no value to website owners and may even possess malicious intentions. It may fail to identify itself, disregard your directives, cause unnecessary server loads, or engage in content and data theft.

Types of Crawlers: Understanding the distinctions

There are two primary types of crawlers:

1️⃣ Constant-crawling bots: These bots perform continuous crawls 24/7, diligently discovering new pages and revisiting older ones. Googlebot is a notable example of a constant-crawling bot.

2️⃣ On-demand bots: These bots crawl a limited number of pages and execute a crawl only upon request.

Crawling in Marketing

⚡ Why is website crawling important?

Now, let’s address the significance of website crawling. In essence, search engine crawlers play a crucial role in understanding the content present on your website and adding it to their search index. If your site isn’t crawled, your content will not be displayed in search results.

Website crawling is not a one-time event; it’s an ongoing practice for active websites. Bots consistently recrawl websites to discover and index new pages while also updating information about existing pages.

By embracing effective website crawling practices, you can ensure that your content receives the visibility it deserves in search engine results, driving organic traffic and fostering online success.

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