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Plagiarism Checkers for Writings Generated by AI

Plagiarism Checkers for Writings Generated by AI

The Seven Most Effective Plagiarism Checkers for Writings Generated by AI

Find out which plagiarism detectors are the best for AI-generated content, and learn how to use them to check whether or not the content is unique.


Contents table:

  • How to detect AI-generated content?
  • Online AI plagiarism checkers
    • GPTRadar
    • Originally.AI
    • GPTZero
    • Winston AI
    • Turnitin
    • CopyLeaks
    • ZeroGPT
  • Other frequently asked questions

How can content generated by AI be identified?

It has become useful and necessary for businesses and other types of institutions to verify the authenticity of a piece of content, that is, to determine whether or not a particular piece of content was created with a tool.

This is especially true since the recent introduction of ChatGPT in November 2023. The rapid proliferation of AI-generated content has made this a necessity. In addition, digital marketers and SEOs have a vested interest in ensuring that Google crawls the content of a website in the most accurate manner possible.

As a result of this need, a few systems that can identify artificial intelligence and check for plagiarism have emerged.

Continue reading because I have several of them that I’d like to tell you about in this article!

How Can Content Produced By AI Be Recognized?

There are a few different approaches to identifying content generated by AI. Using software that does an analysis of the text in order to identify certain aspects of it, such as the usage of a specific language, a specific formatting or structure, and the repetition of particular keywords, is one of the more frequent approaches.

Large language models, also known as LLMs, are another tool that can be used to identify text that was generated by AI.

According to Muhammad Abdul-Mageed, a researcher in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning at the College of British Columbia, one of the most successful ways to accomplish this is to retrain the model on some texts written by humans, and other machine-generated text, so that it learns to distinguish between the two types of writing. This enables it to learn how to differentiate between the two.

Online AI Plagiarism Checkers

There are a lot of programs that make the claim that they can identify information that was generated by AI (plagiarism checkers). The majority of these instruments are derived from either GPT-2 or GPT-3.

The first model is a condensed one that was trained with a small amount of data and works well with English but not with other languages. The second model, which is also used for ChatGPT and is multilingual, is currently the largest and most capable model.

The following is a brief list of the five most effective plagiarism checks for text generated by AI.


One of the most effective techniques for identifying artificial intelligence is GPTRadar. It is based on GPT’s artificial intelligence technology, which can determine whether the content was written by a human or a machine by analyzing the text and performing certain calculations on metrics such as perplexity and burstiness. In other words, it can determine whether the content was created by a human or a machine.

The first measure represents the degree of confidence with which the model generates the following words, while the second measures how the level of confusion varies throughout the course of each phrase in order to detect common patterns. The degree of confidence that the model has in relation to the result is shown by a percentage that is contained inside the result itself and represents its correctness.

Because of the feedback loop, the GPTRadar team is able to continually enhance the AI recognition model and, as a consequence, the result that is provided to the user. API is also available, and the tool has a fee of $0.02 per credit (one credit equals 100 tokens multiplied by 125 words).

Originality.AI plagiarism checkers

Originality.AI is able to discern whether or not the scanned text was written using an AI tool, making it a useful tool for detecting instances of plagiarism.

It was designed with web publishers, content companies, and website purchasers in mind by a group of Aysa’s GPT-3 experts as well as content marketing specialists. It gives them the ability to look for instances of plagiarism, keep track of the activities of the team, and determine whether or not the material of a complete website, not just a single page, is original (this feature is coming soon).

Additionally, it is able to recognise information that was written ChatGPT and GPT 3.5. (DaVinci-003)


One other AI that checks for plagiarism is called GPTZero. It employs sophisticated algorithms to examine text in order to search for any indications of AI-generated content. It does a comparison of the text that was inputted against a big database of previously written texts, searching for any similarities or patterns that would indicate plagiarism or machine production.

The software generates in-depth reports on the originality of the content, complete with a percentage score that reflects the possibility of the content being the product of AI or plagiarism. It also provides connectivity with a variety of content creation tools, enabling users to check the authenticity of their content in a seamless manner while they are writing it.

The AI Winston

The plagiarism checkers known as Winston AI is powered by artificial intelligence and can identify not only information that was generated by a machine but also content that has been rewritten or rephrased. The text is analyzed by highly sophisticated algorithms, which allow the program to detect any instances of plagiarism as well as content that is quite similar to that of other sources.

Users have the ability to select the level of inspection that is appropriate for their needs because Winston AI provides alternatives for both manual and automatic scanning. In addition to this, it offers in-depth reports on the originality of the content, complete with a description of any parallels discovered and the sources that match them.


Turnitin was developed specifically for use in academic settings (students, instructors, publishers and researchers). It does this by highlighting even the most complex errors that students may make and by encouraging them to come up with new concepts.

Additionally, it gives instructors access to straightforward processes for evaluating the work that students produce as well as to safe digital exams that are administered offline. By the criticism and insights it provides, it also ensures that publishers and researchers maintain their honesty and academic brilliance. 

The pricing will change depending on the product that you select as well as the category that it falls under. To obtain this information, you should get in touch with the sales team.

CopyLeaks plagiarism checkers

CopyLeaks developed its AI Content Detector with the intention of providing customers with a tool that has an accuracy rate of 99.12 percent when determining whether or not content was written with artificial intelligence. Even those made with the ChatGPT program.

Uses for this instrument include:  To avoid getting penalized by Google when working on your SEO.  in the academic world, to guarantee the honesty and reliability of the work that has been produced by pupils and checked through by teachers. 

ln the publishing industry, for the purpose of ensuring that books and articles are unique.  in reviews, to protect consumers from reading misleading and potentially damaging content on websites.  In addition to that, it offers connectivity with API as well as LMS platforms.  Y

ou may use it online by inputting text and then scanning it, or you can download a free extension for Google Chrome that enables you to check social media postings and news items on your preferred websites. 

The cost of using CopyLeaks on a monthly or annual basis is determined by the total number of pages that need to be found. Costs range from $10.99 per month for 100 pages all the way up to a personalized plan for large sites.

ZeroGPT plagiarism checkers

ZeroGPT is a tool that can detect AI plagiarism, such as text authored by ChatGPT, Google BARD, or any other AI chat bot. This tool is both free and reliable.

ZeroGPT employs a method known as DeepAnalyseTM Technology, which is a sophisticated and precise method that can determine the provenance of any given text. In today’s world, numerous educational and professional institutions have chosen to implement ZeroGPT.

Other questions that are asked regularly

To what extent is it possible to identify content generated by AI?

A: Despite the fact that the technologies used to detect artificial intelligence have undergone substantial advancements in the past few years, it is still feasible for certain content generated by AI to go undetected. On the other hand, the probability of this occurring is diminishing as a result of the ongoing research and development of AI detection tools.
How can I make sure that the stuff I publish is not copied from elsewhere?

A: The usage of a combination of AI detection techniques and human oversight is the most effective strategy for ensuring the uniqueness of the content you produce. You can reduce the likelihood of mistakenly publishing information that was generated by a machine or copied from another source by combining the use of an AI plagiarism checker with the assistance of human editors or reviewers.

Is the stuff that is generated by AI invariably unethical?

A: No, that’s not always the case. In spite of the fact that there are worries regarding the inappropriate application of AI-generated material, there are a great many valid applications that may be made of this technology.

For instance, content that was generated by AI might be used to automate operations that are performed repeatedly, develop content that is customised to the user’s preferences, or make information more accessible to persons who have disabilities.

Finding material that has been generated by AI is becoming an increasingly significant task for digital marketers, search engine optimization specialists, and other types of institutions.

You may help ensure the authenticity and originality of your content by using one or more of the tools described above, and you can also reduce the danger of publishing content that was automatically generated or copied from another source by doing so. generate original content to avoid plagiarism is an SEO AI automation platform that specializes in providing high-quality, original content. With the recent explosion of AI-generated content, it has become necessary to verify the authenticity of a piece of content. uses a combination of AI-generated content with advanced research and corrections to avoid plagiarism. The platform offers a variety of tools and solutions to help identify and eliminate plagiarism in AI-generated content. Use plagiarism checkers to check our content.