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Our Ideea

Why we started this journey

We operated a e-commerce website, more than 15 years and during this time we experienced everything related to Search Engine Optimisation, even before the term was known by everybody

Each day we worked on content, on page, to measure and optimize, we always wished for a tool to optimize our process, to help us getting real time suggestions in order to write the perfect content.

After many years of using SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, SEranking, etc. we decided to build our own tool, a tool to be accesible for us but also for the people not specialised in SEO, and with small budgets.

AYSA Ideea was born

My Tehnical background (IT & Automation) helped me a lot in this journey, and starting 2022 I have decided to transfer all the knowledge in an APP. A SaaS business, for SEO market

We decided to transform the process of writing and reporting content, and to bring this inside your e-commerce app, Magento, Shopify or Woocommerce.

By using machine learning algorithm we are able to give you suggestions and real time comparison with your competitor, reducing the cost of writing content and improving ranking time.

We intend to sell this at a price between 9.99 up to 29.99 with the posibility to buy more credits, depending on needs.


Real time content measurements

By beeing integrated 100% in your writing process we are able to give you the best solutions for your page, category or product.

The 1st step is 100% manual, the Application needs to learn, and analyse data in order to give you the best support.

What Aysa can help you with

Real time content suggestions

You will just have to enter the details of your content, and we give you the best suggestions for your content

Ranking tracking only for what matters

Each page, product or category can be fully tracked by our tools, with daily, weekly or monthly reports, directly in your ecommerce app

Marketing Suggestions and improvements

We will give you a full library of content, available to be bought with credits, easy, directly in the writing process

Get our AI to do the job for you

A lot of companies dont have time to write, let our app do the job for you, you will just aprove the content

About AYSA

The Team

Marius Dosinescu

Founder and Product Owner

Mihai Ciunescu

CTO & Programmer

Ioana Dosinescu

Marketing & PR Specialist

Shortly About Our Company

We believe we are not the 1st, we will not be the last to start a SaaS business in the SEO industry, and this is why we thrive to be the best for your needs. We are determined, focused, and 100% pro client, we believe in ourself, but more than this, we believe in the client and his SEO needs.

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Bulevardul Ghencea 43a, Et4, Bucuresti, Romania
+4 0722 23 73 73


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