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Automated Generative Search Optimization with AI powered software

Generative Search Optimization is the next step in SEO! Optimize your website for the new generative search from Google with

The term “Generative Search” refers to an improved search experience that makes use of the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to supply users with information that is both more comprehensive and contextual in response to their queries. 

Generative Search
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Generative Search Optimization with Automated SEO Platform

Our software,, is specifically designed to assist eshop owners in optimizing their websites for Generative Search. 

The search engine is able to go beyond conventional methods of finding information and respond to new categories of questions that were previously difficult to resolve as a result of recent technological advances in generative artificial intelligence.

In Google’s definition of generative search, a search engine’s capabilities are revolutionized by leveraging advances in generative AI. automates up to 90% of SEO-related tasks with the help of generative AI, giving e-commerce site owners the best visibility and performance possible in generative search results. gives eshop owners the ability to improve their websites so that they comply with the needs of generative search by utilizing cutting-edge machine learning and AI techniques. This entails efficiently structuring and organizing data, utilizing multimodal search capabilities (such as text and image), and providing users with thorough summaries of crucial data.

A new way of interacting with Search Engines! Are you ready?

When a user asks a complex question, for instance, optimizes the website’s content and architecture so that the generative AI-powered search engine can provide an AI-generated snapshot of the most important data pertinent to the question. Links are then provided for users to click on in order to learn more and delve deeper into the subject.

Additionally, helps online store owners optimize their product pages for Generative Search. makes sure that users are presented with cogent product descriptions, current reviews, ratings, prices, and product images by utilizing generative AI in search. By utilizing Google’s expansive Shopping Graph, which regularly updates and refreshes over 35 billion product listings, this thorough view is made possible. gives eshop owners the ability to include various voices and sources in the context of generative search, ensuring that Search Engines have access to a variety of viewpoints and insights.