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Dofollow links

Dofollow links are hyperlinks that are not marked with the “nofollow” attribute. These links allow search engine crawlers to follow them and pass on link equity or “link juice” from the referring website to the linked website. In other words, dofollow links are seen as endorsements or recommendations by the linking site, and they contribute to the linked site’s search engine rankings. Dofollow links are valuable for SEO because they help increase organic traffic and improve a website’s visibility in search engine results.

Dofollow links

What exactly is a dofollow link?

A dofollow link refers to a link that lacks the “nofollow,” “UGC,” or “sponsored” attribute. Unlike its counterparts, dofollow links are crawlable by search engine crawlers and transfer link equity to the linked site, ultimately influencing page rankings.

In page code, a dofollow link appears as follows:

<a href=””>AYSA</a>

It’s worth noting that when a page carries a page-level “nofollow” meta directive, all links on that page automatically become nofollow.

However, it’s important to clarify that the term “dofollow” isn’t technically accurate, as there is no specific “dofollow” link attribute. We often refer to these links as “followed” links.

The Importance of Dofollow Links

Dofollow links play a vital role in your backlink strategy. They are crawlable, enabling search engines to discover more of your content. Moreover, they pass on link equity, also known as “link juice,” to the destination page. This exchange of link equity is a crucial factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. While nofollow links only drive referral traffic, dofollow links not only generate traffic but also contribute to improved organic search rankings.

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