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What is Authorship?

Authorship refers to the act of creating or contributing to a work, such as a book, article, or website, in our case for SEO purposes. The person or people who creates or contributes to a work are known as the authors. In the field of publishing, authorship is generally recognised as an important indicator of responsibility and accountability for the content of a work.

In academic research, authorship is typically based on the idea of intellectual contribution, with authors listed in order of their contribution to the work. In general, authorship is an important concept in the fields of writing and publishing, as it helps to identify the individuals responsible for the creation of a work and establishes their ownership of the work.

But in SEO, the authorship refers to the reputation of an author being highlighted in and influencing search engine results. Google introduced AuthorRank in 2012, which allows them to ensure the relationship between author and content is valid.