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Search engine optimization software gets investment from Innovator Spark gets investment

Romanian search engine optimization software attracts EUR 150,000 investment from Innovator Spark

We have huge news and we are so excited to share them with you! is a startup search engine optimisation software (SEO automation tool) that sparked interest in the software and development company Innovator Spark, that decided to invest 150.000 EUROs.

Search engine optimization software gets investment!, a search engine optimization software dedicated to the e-commerce industry, launched last year by entrepreneur Marius Dosinescu, has attracted an investment of EUR 150,000 from Innovator Spark – which has thus become part of the startup’s shareholding.

Innovator Spark is known for its vast expertise in end-to-end software development and intends to support the finalization and launch of the solution as a SaaS (Software as a Service) product. Once delivered, the software will provide online store owners with a tool for managing SEO. Their active involvement will also be reflected in participating in the board of directors and providing strategic advice based on their expertise and experience. 

The investment will be structured in three equal tranches of EUR 50,000 each, representing 1.25% of the company. With this decision, Innovator Spark has valued at approximately EUR 4 million.

“ stands out with significant potential, and its development can be a model for IT companies in Romania, which need to adapt agilely to market landscape transformations. Investments in such products and similar partnerships are a strategic initiative, intended to adequately meet the constantly changing requirements and needs of this field,” said Mihai Runcan, Founder of Innovator Spark. 

Search engine optimization software gets investment from Innovator Spark

Connect here: @Mihai Runcan and @Marius Dosinescu

Innovator Spark aims to primarily guide the product development direction, market strategies, and expansion plans.

The main goal of this year is the finalization and commercial launch of the product in the SaaS version, alongside continuing to offer SEO services. The investment made by Innovator Spark will accelerate the development and sale of the product, as well as rapid expansion into new markets.’s strategy focuses on significantly expanding its presence in markets such as the USA, Canada, and the UK, while also testing and developing the product in Eastern Europe, with an emphasis on Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Moldova. 

Financially, the company aims to achieve a turnover of EUR 300,000 in 2024, based on a combination of SaaS subscriptions and SEO services. 

“This financial trust underlines not just the recognition of our potential, but also our joint commitment to revolutionize the SEO field. With these funds, we aim to finalize and launch our SaaS product, turning into an essential tool for efficient SEO management,” stated Marius Dosinescu, founder of 

In the last nine months since its market launch, has gathered 23 paying clients and signed 7 strategic partnerships. The development of’s functionalities included major improvements, with a focus on launching an extension for WordPress and WooCommerce. The integration facilitated user access to advanced SEO features, simplifying the search engine optimization process and positively impacting the user experience.

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