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Discover Underline Ventures a venture capital firm

Underline Ventures is a venture capital firm that partners with early-stage founders in Eastern Europe who are building high-growth startups with global ambitions.

They invest at the seed stage along with other investors and provide support in defining the right strategy, milestones, and priorities for the company’s journey from seed to series A.

Underline Ventures believes that founders should be in control of the company they are building and aligns their interests for the long term, while providing a critical view. They also help founders navigate through challenges and obstacles.

underline ventures

Underline Ventures has partnered with several startups from various countries and sectors. In Romania and the US, they have invested in Videowise, which provides an end-to-end video infrastructure for brands and retailers, optimized for peak commerce performance. Veridion is another Romanian and US-based startup that Underline Ventures has partnered with. This company specializes in business data enrichment with extensive coverage of private companies, precise classification, and in-depth insights based on real-time updates.

In Croatia, Underline Ventures has invested in Turneo, which enables hotels and other hospitality brands to sell in-destination tours and experiences through an all-in-one platform. Another Romanian startup that Underline Ventures has partnered with is Nestor, a People Intelligence Platform that brings together employee engagement, performance, skills management, and development planning, and uses predictive analytics for managers and HR professionals. Finally, in the legal tech sector, Underline Ventures has invested in Goodlegal, a Romanian startup that aims to democratize legal compliance by providing individuals and organizations with a Legal Infrastructure Platform to drive frictionless engagement with stakeholders.