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Full Website Setup service for Magento websites


Introducing our Full Website Setup service for Magento websites. Streamline the entire process of setting up and launching your online store with the expertise of our dedicated team.

In this package you receive: full website development, design and theme adaptation, products introduced in the website, SEO set-up, descriptions, pricing and stocks, a ready to use website, fully functional and ready to create actual sales. Order today this amazing package and start selling online!


Once you’ve established your desired Magento strategy for your store, our team will efficiently install and set it up within your Magento environment, from theme, design adaption, products introduced, SEO set-up, page content and all the necessary tools that you need to immediately start selling on your website. We’ll meticulously integrate and configure all the necessary components, ensuring flawless functionality and a seamless user experience.

Our Full Website Setup service is tailored to cater to the needs of small/medium business owners and individuals with limited technical knowledge. Backed by years of experience in Magento and a profound understanding of website setup, we guarantee a stress-free and efficient process.

Take advantage of our affordable pricing, with very quick delivery time.

Place your order today, and within aprox. 2-3 business weeks from the moment you grant us the necessary access, your Magento website will be fully set up and ready to elevate your online presence. Enhance your store’s visual appeal, user experience, and overall success with our reliable Full Website Setup service.

Additional information

SEO hours

one time payment, no hours needed

Delivery time frame

2-3 business weeks