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Basic subscription 34800 credits – annual payment

$300.00 / Years

Discover the power of, the ultimate solution for streamlining and automating a wide range of SEO tasks. Unlock your potential to enhance website performance and elevate search engine rankings effortlessly. Take the first step today with our Basic Subscription package and embark on your AYSA journey! Maximize your website’s visibility, attract increased traffic, and achieve organic growth in record time. Drive conversions, secure sales, and position yourself on the coveted first page of Google for swift client discovery. is the perfect companion for your needs, and our basic package offers a tantalizing glimpse into the remarkable results it can deliver! Buy annual and get 4$ off per month!


Introducing our SEO Credits Package tailored specifically for small and medium-sized websites with essential SEO requirements. Buy this BASIC Subscription annual and get 4 dollars off / month! To harness the power of credits, simply install the app on your website. Begin your journey today by purchasing these credits and unlock the potential of this exceptional SEO tool, facilitating rapid organic growth for your website across search engines.

With 34800 credits, you can benefit from:

  • 360 product, pages and categories
  • 600 keywords
  • Content strategy with 240 keywords is a cutting-edge AI-powered SEO automation tool and platform, meticulously crafted to assist website owners, digital marketers, and SEO professionals in achieving optimal search engine optimization. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, automates diverse SEO tasks and streamlines the optimization process.

To utilize effectively, simply install it on your website’s admin panel. Once installed, you can leverage the credits across your product pages, category pages, and corporate pages. As you employ the tool to analyze on-page content or assess the top-performing results within your industry on Google, your available credits will be consumed. This basic SEO package serves as a remarkable starting point to witness the astounding results can deliver!

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