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So, how does it work?

We are here to answer any question you may have.

Easy integrate with your store

Magento 2.x

We integrate directly into the editor, helping you writing the best content.


WordPress / Woocommerce

Easy access to real time metrics helping you improve your content with ease.

64 share


Soon will be available the extension for top e-commerce platform, Shopify

Up to 10 times faster

Write and deliver content 10x faster

By writing the content faster, measuring in real time, taking in consideration your entire content, you will be able to get better rank in shorter time! Get onBoard now and increase your sales!

Write content 10x faster with AI asistance

More than 90% of the content can be written by AI. When you have more than 10000 products on your website, this is a real help, it will reduce the costs, boost traffic on your optimised pages and increase sales. Get now the best offer on the market.

Real time results, work faster, smarter and focused on results

Our engine allows you to work with real time content measure, crawl, scrap, interpret and by using our ML algorithm it will give you the best suggestions.

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